Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Minerva Center of Computer Science

Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Established 1984)

Prof. Dr. Alex Samorodnitsky

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Center of Computer Science
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Computer Science & Engineering office: 427, Rothberg A building, Givat Ram Campus

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Fields of Research

Computer Science.


Basic and applied research in computer science.

Research activities and aims

The goals of the Leibniz Center are to advance basic and applied research in all areas of Computer Science, and to promote dialogue between Germany and Israel in this field. The goals of the Center are met by funding exchange visits of Israeli and German scientists, sponsering workshops and symposia in research areas that are of interest to the Center's members, granting fellowhips to doctoral students at the Hebrew University and acquisition of specific infrastructure necessary to support the research of members of the Leibniz Center. The many diverse projects and research efforts currently pursued by members of the Leibniz Center span the spectrum from questions pertaining to the very foundations of computer science to the actual building of hardware. Indeed, one of the strengths of the Center is the interaction between researchers in the applied fields with those interested in the more theoretical aspects.

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