Dannie Heineman

Heineman Project Grant

The project grant for young scientists working in the field of biological and biomedical research is funded by the Minna-James-Heineman-Stiftung and administered by the Minerva Stiftung.

Programme Information

The Minna-James-Heineman-Stiftung allocates two research grants to young, highly qualified and talented scientists in the areas of biology, medicine and biomedical research at Max Planck Institutes and the Weizmann Institute of Science. The grants are devoted to strengthening German-Israeli cooperation in general and specifically between Max Planck Institutes and the Weizmann Institute of Science in scientifically promising and innovative research areas which are geared towards the future. The programme is managed by the Minerva Stiftung and has the objective of:

  • achieving scientific excellence and innovative research at the cutting edge of the field of bio-medicine;
  • supporting young proven scientists;
  • strengthening scientific cooperation between the Weizmann Institute of Science and Max Planck Institutes;
  • developing active research groups within the Israeli and German scientific communities as well as in an international context.

The Heineman Stiftung

Established by Dannie Heineman in 1951, the Minna-James-Heineman-Stiftung supports research projects that promote scientific progress and foster international cooperation especially between Israel and Germany. The foundation finances life sciences research projects carried out by partnerships between the Max Planck Society, the Weizmann Institute of Science, and Heineman Medical Research (U.S.A.), issues two bi-annual awards for young scientists and backs several grants and small projects in the Hanover region (Germany), where it was founded.

Owning to its Israel expertise, the Minerva Stiftung, as a subsidiary of the Max Planck Society, functions as the project executing organisation for the project grants for young scientists in biological and biomedical research and the James Heineman Research Award.

Selection criteria

Candidates for the grant will be selected on unique research topics which are of mutual interest.

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