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The next application deadline is 15 January, 2020.

Three new Minerva Centers founded

Minerva founded three new Minerva Centers in relation to the topic of "Aging" in 2019.

End of an era? Panel discussion about Israel in the election year of 2019

Invitation to panel discussion at Munich University on November 4th.

Minerva Meeting at the Weizmann Institute of Science

The Minerva Fellowship Committee and the Fellows in Israel met up at Rehovot to hear and discuss the research projects presented by three Fellowship-Holders.

Minerva Inside

Joint Max Planck Forum: Aging and the Gift of Longevity

As people in Germany and Israel are getting older, several social and cultural changes are to be expected. How to meet theses challenges of getting older was the topic of a Forum together with the Israeli embassy in Munich.

New Minerva Alumni Programme

Since 1973 more than 1500 PhD students and postdocs have been awarded a Minerva Fellowship. From 2019 onwards, the Minerva Stiftung wants to establish an Alumni Programme for the most visible Fellowship for the German-Israeli exchange.

Interview with Minerva's Head of Office

Minerva's Head of Office Dr. Lou Bohlen speaks about her role within the Minerva Stiftung. The interview contains her personal story with the Minerva Stiftung, her view on the institution as well as her tasks as Head of Office and her vision for the future.

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