Minerva Center Programme

Minerva Centers

Rates and Conditions

Minerva Centers are scientific pioneer institutions with a focus on innovative research topics in Israel and are funded by the Minerva Stiftung, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the particular host university where the Center is based. The research at the Centers is carried out in cooperation with German partners.


Minerva Centers are funded by the Minerva Stiftung. Their funds will be matched with the same amount by the respective host institution, partially contributed in kind. Both amounts will make up the budget of a Center. Usually, the budget will comprise a sum of up to € 150k annually.


The lifetime of a Minerva Center is limited to an initial period of six years. After an evaluation during the 6th year, the lifetime of a Center can be extended for another period, depending on the recommendations of the Evaluation Committee. This period is not to exceed another six years.

The funding provided by the Minerva Stiftung and the host university has to be used for research projects at the Center in Israel.

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