Minerva Humanities Center

Minerva Humanities Center

Tel Aviv University (Established 2009)

Prof. Rivka Feldhay


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Renn


Fields of Research

Migrating Knowledge in early modern Europe, the Middle East and East Asia; Political Theory; Modes of Political Membership.


Migrating knowledge, ideas, eastern Mediterranean Basin, Renaissance humanism, East Asia, Galileo's physics, mechanical knowledge, Jewish encyclopedic works, Renaissance Baroque and enlightened Europe, therapy in translation, lexicon for political theory, interpretation and redefinition of concepts, theory of space, political economy, culture and theory of photography, modes of political membership, secularism, citizenship.

Research activities and aims

The Minerva Humanities Center promotes innovative interdisciplinary research in the humanities. The Center holds forums for reflection and intellectual debate that bring together researchers from a variety of national, cultural, and disciplinary backgrounds. It supports research projects dealing with historical or current reciprocal ties between knowledge, culture, and politics, and with the development of innovative teaching and writing methods that translate the theoretical interest in such issues into tangible academic work. The Center strives to broaden the target audience of the humanities and amplify their public influence while at the same time carrying on the tradition of critical thought that has always been associated with them.

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