Richard Koebner Minerva Center for German History

Richard Koebner Minerva Center for German History

Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Established 1977)

Prof. Ofer Ashkenazi


Prof. Sybille Steinbacher

Fritz-Bauer-Institut, Frankfurt a.M.
Goethe Universität Frankfurt a.M. Historisches Seminar/Fachbereich 08

Latest Slil - Online Journal for History, Film and Television
Online magazine TABUR (in hebrew)

Fields of Research

German History and German-Jewish history


Middle Ages, early modern history, 20th century, contemporary history; national socialism; German antisemitism

Research activities and aims

Economic history of the Middle Ages; future expectations of German Jews; Weimar Jewry; continuities and discontinuities in German antisemitism; aspects of history of mentalities and history of ideas as well as history of everday life and social history of Germany. Ongoing activities: scientific conferences, publica-tions in Hebrew; teaching of German history on the highest academic levels (MA and Ph.D.-study program, post-doc-projects); development of a research library; cooperation with German historians.

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