Minerva Schools

Funds and Conditions

A Minerva School can be funded with up to EUR 25,500.

Eligible Expenditures

In principle, only costs for the scientific part of the event can be taken into account. A subsequent increase of the lump sum following the grant is not possible.

The grant may be used for:

  • Travel allowances
  • Accommodation and hospitality costs
    • Germany: 70.00 EUR (75.00 EUR including breakfast) per person and night
    • Israel: 160.00 EUR per person and night (including breakfast)
    • Food and beverage: daily allowance of max. 80.00 EUR per person
  • Space rent and lease for devices and items of equipment
  • Costs of framework programmes (relating to the conference)
  • Costs of student assistants and/or students working on a fee basis within the framework of the conference organization
  • Other material costs (e.g. office supplies, layout of conference programmes and the like, costs of publication of conference results) 

Non-billable expenses

The following items can, on principle, not be discounted at the expense of the project funds:

  • Personal salary of the project heads
  • Fees for speakers/spokespersons
  • Expenses for construction and installation measures
  • Operational and maintenance costs (e.g. electricity, gas, water, cooling agents), maintenance contracts
  • Contributions for property insurance, expenditures for letters of safe conduct
  • Expenses for the use of an institute’s own service facilities (such as computing centers or other – also scientific – services) on the basis of an internal performance settlement
  • Expenses for apparatus which must be considered as up-to-date initial equipment (for the respective field)
  • Expenses for the supplementation or repair of apparatus which is not the property of the Minerva Stiftung
  • Turnover tax insofar as it can be deducted as input tax

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