Information about Minerva programmes in terms of the Corona Virus

Due to the current spread of covid-19 the Minerva Stiftung carries on its business as usual but the proceeding status of requests might be delayed. Support and flexible solutions can be offered within various parts of our programmes.

With the current spread of covid-19 it is imperative that the Minerva Stiftung carries on its business throughout home office only. Nontheless the Minera Stiftung is offering support and flexible solutions for all current Minerva fellows, upcoming Minerva Schools and Minerva Gentner Symposia as well as for all such Minerva Centers that might not be able to continue their research as planned due to the corona crisis. An extension of project turns up to one year with no costs involved are possible upon request in particular for all Minerva Centers that have been established since the Minerva reform in 2012.

In 2020 upcoming committee meetings will be hold as video- and teleconferences only. This will also be the case regarding decisions made on the current selection turn for fellowships. It will have no impact regarding determined deadlines, though.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team under and by phone in any urgent case. We are happy to help wherever we can.

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