End of an era? Israel in the election year of 2019

Panel Discussion at Munich University

Dr. Lou Bohlen, Head of the Minerva Stiftung chairs the panel discussion about Israel in the election year of 2019.


The Jewish state of Israel has had a turbulent election year: Twice, Israelis were called to vote their national parliament. Since Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the strongest faction had been failing to form a government after the first election in April 2019, a new round of voting was scheduled for September. Indeed, Israel is deeply divided. However, this is not just about social tensions and the conflict with the Palestinians. More and more are also the democratic foundations of the Jewish state under attack. The panel discussion reflects on the turbulence of the 2019 election year and discusses its significance for the future of Israel.



Prof. Dr. Stephan Stetter (Bundeswehr University, Munich)

Dr. Noam Zadoff (University of Insbruck; ZIS Munich)

Dr. Daniel Mahla (ZIS Munich)



Dr. Lou Bohlen (Max-Planck-Society, Munich; Minerva Stiftung)



Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz-1, 80539 München
Room A 014 (U6 Universität)



Wednesday 6th November, 6.00 pm


Please note that the event language will be German.

For attendance, please register until 4th of November under juedische.geschichte@lrz.uni-muenchen.de or 089/2180-5570.

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