Minerva Short-Term Research Grant

Minerva Short-Term Research Grant


A Minerva Programme for short-term exchange between Germany and Israel funded jointly by the Federal Ministery for Education and Research and the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology.


Application Procedure

Please read the following notes carefully. In case of submission of incorrect or insufficient documents, we are not able to accept your application.

For the application procedure, you will need the following documents (in English and as pdf):

General application documents

  • Application form (available here as PDF or DOC);
  • Curriculum vitae, which must include your contact details and your list of publications of the last 3 years;
  • Summary of your research focus and its connection to the planned visit (1 page);
  • One letter of recommendation from your supervisor. Please arrange to have this letter sent directly to Minerva
    [to: ].


Additional documents when visiting research partners/labs

  • Letter of Invitation written by your host. It should contain a statement indicating the feasibility of your research at his/her institute as well as comments on your project. Please arrange to have this letter sent directly to Minerva
    [to: ];
  • Justification for the length of visit when staying more than 7 days.


Additional documents when participating in conferences/workshops

  • Brief description of the conference/workshop including an URL;
  • Copy of the submission (if applicable).


To apply for the Programme, please send all documents via email to 

Please note that the letter of recommendation and the letter of invitation must be send separately by your supervisor or host, respectively, to the same address.

Israeli applicants must also send a copy of their application (excluding the external letters) to
Ms. Shani Edri (shanie@most.gov.il) from the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology.

Deadline for the application (including the letters of invitation and recommendation) is 2 May and 2 November of every year.

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