Heineman Grant - Current Projects

The project grant for young scientists working in the field of biological and biomedical research is funded by the Minna-James-Heineman-Stiftung and administered by Minerva.


Funding period: 2016-2019:

Dr. Johannes Letzkus (Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt)
Dr. Ivo Spiegel (Weizmann Institute of Science, Dept. of Neurobiology, Rehovot)

Project Title: Plasticity mechanisms of genetically-defined neocortical layer 1 interneurons during associative learning.


Funding period: 2016-2019:

Dr. Ofer Feinerman (Weizmann Institute of Science, Dept. of Immunology, Rehovot)
Dr. Lyndon Alex Jordan (Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Seewiesen)

Project Title: How are cooperation and collective behaviour maintained as conflict increases? A study of the price of anarchy and conflict across social systems.

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