Weizmann Workshop / Group Visit Programme

Weizmann Workshop / Group Visit Programme

The Minerva-Weizmann Programme was the first scientific programme between Germany and Israel. For its implementation, the Minerva Stiftung was founded to maintain and cultivate the scientific exchange between the two countries.

As part of the Minerva-Weizmann Programme, Research Groups from German research institutions and universities can be invited by a Weizmann Research Group for a group visit to the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot. The two-to-three days exchange intends to strengthen the German-Israeli scientific cooperation which is why it makes reciprocal follow-up meetings part of the application requirements. In case of exceptional circumstances, the group visits can be substituted by a collaborative workshop with a special focus on bringing together junior scientists from the Weizmann Institute and Germany to start a scientific dialogue and establish lasting research contacts.

Please note, that only scientist from the Weizmann Institute are eligible to apply. In case of interest, please contact a Principal Investigator from Weizmann. For more information about the Programme visit here.

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