Uprating of Minerva Fellowship rates

Strengthening the reputation of the distinguished Minerva Fellowship Programme

November 13, 2020

The Minerva Stiftung is pleased about the approval of their Managing Directors and the Minerva Fellowship Committee to increase the scholarship rates as follows from December 1st 2020 on:

New rates for Israeli Fellowship Holder in Germany

Increasing for PhD students (basic rate): € 100
Increasing for Post-Doc scientists (basic rate): € 400

New rates for German Fellowship Holders in Israel

Increasing for PhD students (basic rate): € 200
Increasing for Post-Doc scientists (basic rate): between 300 and € 450
“We expect that the increment will further increase the excellence of our candidate pool", says Prof. Dr. Ulman Lindenberger, the Scientific Managing Director of the Minerva Stiftung and Vice President of the Max Planck Society. 

He adds: “This offers better support for our excellent young scholars and scientists from Israel and Germany in pursuing their projects and careers in the partner country."

For detail information please visit the programme's rates and conditions.

About the Minerva Fellowship Programme

The Minerva Fellowship Programme enables Israeli and German scientists to complete a research residency at institutions in the respective other country. Minerva Fellowships are not only intended to promote research but also to strengthen the cultural and scientific exchange between Germany and Israel. Younger scientists (graduates and post docs) get the possibility to further their scientific background while they conduct a research project at their host institution in Israel or Germany. The Minerva Fellowship Programme is being funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research. To date, more than 1700 Minerva Fellowships have been awarded to German and Israeli researchers since the start of the programme in 1973.

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