Minerva-Gentner Symposia

The Minerva-Gentner Symposia (funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research) are named after the physicist and former director of the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Wolfgang Gentner.

Gentner Symposia are held annually in Germany or Israel. They may be conducted in all areas of research. The aim of Gentner Symposia is to initiate new collaborative efforts in fields that are not yet in the focus of German-Israeli cooperations.

The Gentner Symposia shall bring together Israeli scientists with colleagues from Germany and from other countries. They shall enable the scientific discourse, exchange of ideas, and new interactions in a given field of research. Not yet established but promising young scientists (PhD students, post docs) shall have the opportunity to get in contact with senior scientists during these symposia. Roughly 50% of the participants should belong to the group of not yet established scientists.

Gentner Symposia are funded with up to EUR 30,000. The expenses for travel, accommodation, boarding and participation for Israeli and German participants must be covered from the budget provided by Minerva. Senior scientists (lecturers) may also receive financial support, however no honoraria.

The Minerva Fellowship Committee reviews proposals.

The closing date for applications for Minerva-Gentner Symposia is July 9 (for proposals regarding Gentner Symposia to be held in the year after next).

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