The Minerva Stiftung

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Minerva’s Financial Advisory Board advises the institution on the investments earmarked to fund the “Minerva Center” programme line. The board members generally have a professional background in asset and/or endowment management. In addition, they represent the various stakeholders of Minerva, both in Israel and Germany. [more]
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The Managing Directors of the Minerva Stiftung are responsible not only for the representation of the foundation towards the public, but also for the incorporation of the Minerva Stiftung GmbH into the Max Planck Society as its sole shareholder. [more]
In 1959, a delegation of the Max Planck Society, headed by its president Otto Hahn, visited the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. The background was that after a long time of silence scientific contacts between researchers of these institutions were coming to life. Following this meeting, the German government provided DM 3 million start-up capital for research projects and the exchange of scientists and researchers with the Weizmann Institute. [more]
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