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* Reimund Stadler Minerva Center for Mesoscale Macromolecular Engineering

(Established 1998)


Prof. Moshe Gottlieb
Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Chemical Engineering Department
Beer Sheva 84105
Tel.: 00972-8-6461486
Fax: 00972-8-6472916
E-mail: moshe@inca.bgu.ac.il
Internet: www.bgu.ac.il/RS_Minerva/index.htm

Chairman of the Advisory Council

Prof. Dr. E. Sackmann
Technische Universität München
Lehrstuhl für Biophysik E22
85747 Garching
Tel.: 089/28912471 oder 28912472
Fax: 089/28912523
E-mail: sackmann@ph.tum.de

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* Fields of research

Mesoscale organization of biological and synthetic polymeric materials.
* Key Words

Mesoscale structure, morphology, self assembly, polymeric materials, interfacial engineering, hybrid polymers.
* Research activities and objectives

    · Investigation of the interplay between the chemical composition of polymer molecules and their organization at the mesoscale.
    · Development of a better understanding of the effect of intermolecular and interfacial forces on the structural organization at the mesoscale.
    · Investigation of the effect of confinement and steric constrains on structural properties and the possibility to explot confinement-induced organization for engineering of new polymer based composite materials.
    · Examination of the effect of confinement on the functional properties of materials and its relevance to biological and biomimetic processes.
    · Characterization of the structure and study of the properties of interfaces between biological and chemical polymer assemblies.
    · Development of strategies for tailoring the interfacial interactions between natural and synthetic polymers.