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* Emmy Noether Minerva Mathematics Institute in Algebra, Geometry, Function Theory and Summability

Bar-Ilan University
(Established 1991)


Prof. Mina Teicher
Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science
Bar-Ilan University
The Emmy Noether Mathematics Institute
52900 Ramat Gan
Tel.: 00972-3-5318-407 oder 00972-3-5318-766
Fax: 00972-3-5353325
E-mail: teicher@macs.biu.ac.il
Internet: www.cs.biu.ac.il

Chairman of the Advisory Council

Prof. Dr. Thomas Peternell
Universitšt Bayreuth
Mathematisches Institut
95440 Bayreuth
Tel.: 0921/55-3366
Fax: 0921/55-2785
e-mail: thomas.peternell@uni-bayreuth.de

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* Fields of research/Forschungsgebiete

Pure Mathematics/Reine Mathematik
* Key Words

Complex analysis, algebraic geometry, finite groups, summability theory
* Research activities and objectives

The main scientific objectives of the Institute in Algebraic Geometry concern the new problems in 4-manifolds, Gauge theory and classification problems in complex geometry. We use methods from complex algebraic geometry, complex analysis (of one and several variables), algebraic topology and finite groups. In particular, we study the structure of different moduli spaces, constructing special manifolds and algebraic surfaces, computing the related groups (mainly fundamental groups), the topological invariants and study which finite groups can appear in geometry. In Summability Theory the focus is on multiple series. The objectives in Complex Analysis are in the direction of Geometric Function Theory and Teichmueller spaces. In finite group theory the focus of the research is Table Algebra Theory.