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* Gerhardt Schmidt Minerva Center on Supramolecular Architectures

Weizmann Institute of Science
(Established 1995)


Sam Safran
The Weizmann Institute of Science
Dept. of Materials and Interfaces
76100 Rehovot
E-mail: sam.safran@weizmann.ac.il
Internet: www.weizmann.ac.il

Chairman of the Advisory Council

Prof. Dr. Andreas
University of Bayreuth
Dept. of Physical Chemistry
PO. Box 10 12 51
95440 Bayreuth
Tel. +49 (0) 921/55-2753
E-mail: andreas.fery@uni-bayreuth.de

List of all Minerva Centers
* Fields of research/Forschungsgebiete

Chemistry and Physics of Materials/Chemie und Physik von Materialien
* Key Words

Surface science, thin films, self-assemblies, functional devices, liquid crystals, molecular crystals, polymers, molecular sensors, membranes, soft matter physics
* Research activities and aims

The G.M.J. Schmidt Minerva Center for Supramolecular Architectures was founded in order to promote interdisciplinary research between Israeli and German Scientists in the field of the material sciences. One of the primary objectives of this activity is to provide theoretical and experimental knowledge that will permit to bridge the gap between macroscopic physics and molecular chemistry and biology of materials. Research in the preparation of new functional materials and devices with predetermined properties starting from the molecular level is supported. This also includes the design and application of novel sophisticated analytical tools for probing the structure of surfaces and interfaces on the macroscopic and molecular levels. Another objective of the center is to assist in the education of a new generation of modern material scientists by organizing annual interdisciplinary workshops for young scientists.